At the end of June 2023 I was a healthy volunteer on clinical drug trial with aim to eventually help treat with people with severe depressive disorder. The dose given to me was a very high modified version of DMT, it was modified in order for the psychedelic trip to be extended for a much longer duration. My trip lasted for 75 minutes.
My participation in this has had a profound effect on me, it was the most terrifying, amazing and rewarding experience ever. I was initially interested in taking part to see if it cou Id make dramatic changes to my creativity along with being part of a potential game changing treatment for those with severe depression.
It found it a very powerfu I experience in a physical, emotional and visual way. Despite spending seven years at art college I never chose to take any recreational drugs I hated the thought of being out of control. So I felt very brave and very proud of my taking part in th is drug study.
I created artwork immediately after my dosing the first piece whilst recuperating in bed afterwards. The paintings below are in direct relation to this experience which at times was very difficult and challenging.
The whole experience of being on a DMT trial was mind blowing for me and it has unleashed an exciting new chapter in my artwork.